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Program Highlights

The main talks developing on the theme, “Go in this Thy Might” shall also be an online input. We look forward to the Lord for impartation and conviction that will remain indelible on the hearts and lives of participants. It will lead us into alone with God, counseling and other onsite programs.

We shall have some twenty (20) minutes corporate prayer uproar on site everyday while the tips or burdens to set the prayer focus will be shared online for us all to follow. We must appoint specific persons to help lead the brethren into prayer. He does not preach again, he only picks the prayer issues already raised online to move the brethren unto concerted praying

A crucial training to release your might: There are 3 Slots for Bible Study in the meeting and they are onsite.

Each bible study session runs for 90 minutes and we intend to run it in small bible study groups. You will appoint bibles study leaders from among those who attended the SAYCO preview, who are able to lead and clearly express the word of God as we all studied together. The Bible study coordinator will then bring coordination to the Bible study sessions and may be able to give short summaries at the end of each session or a combined summary at the end of the entire Bible study.

For maximum participation and impact, the group should not be too large and we expect the leaders to allow contribution from the brethren. The Bible study is a very major aspect of this meeting and we trust the Lord to use it to impact the participants for a definite response unto discipleship while they are still young and for them also to go in this their might to make other disciples

For the three full days of the meeting, we have created a thirty (30) minutes space for each participant to be alone with God after the Theme talks before we go for the Bible Study. It is not a time for announcements or counseling. It is a time for each individual to sit alone before the Lord for personal meditation, contemplation and consecration of their his or her life to the Lord in response to the word God is sending to us. It should be strictly observed and we hope the entire camp with be quiet.

We have created this space to increase the conviction of the Spirit on the meeting, to add to the prayer content of the congress and to create a necessary break from being chocked with several instructions that may be flowing through all the speakers.

We are featuring two seminars: Seminar A will be on Marriage, dealing with choice of a life partner and marriage that will nhance the potential of the young, while the second Seminar B is focusing on building healthy relationships that will release the might of the young and not bring damage to his destiny

When we gather together for the online inputs, there shall be a short devotional challenge to set our hearts together on fire and with a single focus for the day and for our personal walk with God.

We are unable to mount all the professional workshops in this meeting and we will allow you the flexibility of mounting any of the prepared workshops in your centre as you have the capacity as there are resource persons or participants for which a particular workshop is relevant. We selected six workshops that could cut across different professions and general issues of life for the young namely:

  • 1. . Developing the Leader in You

  • 2. . Strategic Christian Youth Involvement in Politics and Governance

  • 3. . Money and Kingdom Investments

  • 4. . ICT: positive and Perils of the Internet Revolution

  • 5. . Achieving Academic Excellence

  • 6. . Achieving Career and Professional Excellence

As we look unto the Lord for His visitation, we envisage there will be much need for counseling as people respond to the altar calls as the word of God comes to our hearts. As usual in our meetings, we give much attention to counseling during the break period and after the night sessions. All the resource persons who were part of the preview should please be prepared to undertake this labour for the Lord. This is the crucial point of bringing in the sheaves and we must not throw the net for a catch only to release the fishes back into the river.

The Lord will grant you grace and wisdom to handle this crucial aspect of the meeting with every sense of urgency and responsibility. Being a youth meeting, counseling is usually very intense as their hearts are broken to find answers to their needs. Prayers and ministration of the Holy Spirit may be needed at several points, we trust the Lord to guide you and use you to supply this at the local centres.

We hope to have song ministrations from across the nations and the centres. All who intend for their singing teams to sing or minister to us during SAYCO must pre-record their songs. The duration for the songs will be 3 to 4 minutes.

All who intend to sing on the platform should please send us their pre-recorded songs. Brother Bitrus or Saturday will be on hand to furnish you with further details on this aspect of the meeting

This will run in the three slots. We shall feature live-panelists of those who right from their youth have started to be pathfinders and pacesetters in their generation. The last slot will be the mission challenge to go and be a pathfinder and pacesetters for the Lord in this generation

Day 1: Wednesday April 28, 2021 Arrival and Registration

Prayer, Praise, Charge unto Prayer

Opening Prayers, and Hymn.

Welcome & Introduction of Centres Around the World

Special Numbers from Three (3) Nations

Opening Charge, Alter Calls and Prayers

Closing Remarks and Announcements

Onsite Arrangements & Counseling

Day 2 - Day 4: Thursday April 29 - Saturday May day, 2021

Prayers and a Hymn

Devotional Challenge 1

Prayer Uproar

Special Numbers

Theme Talk 1,2 & 3

Alone With God

Bible Study on Discipleship In Your Youth

Lunch Break, Rest & Counseling


Prayer and Hymn


Pathfinders & Pacesetters

Special Numbers


Prayers, Remarks and Announcements

Onsite Arrangements

ONSITE Components

Everyday, the meeting starts at the onsite centres with prayers and worship. The worship is the only time of worship we have in the meetings, so it must be attended to very seriously and prayerfully, as it is what must prepare the participants to receive from God all through the days. It must not be a drag as if we are only singing to wait for others or to hook on the online platform. We must indeed be in the atmosphere of worship and prayer to receive any inputs from the online

It is good that your center is ready for the online input from about 8.25am so as to ensure you don’t miss anything from the very beginning of the input.

ONLINE Components

Though the meeting will kick off in earnest at the centres from 4.30pm on Wednesday, April 28, to allow for the centres to get themselves organized, the online input on the first day will be the major thing, coming with opening prayers and a hymn at 5.15pm, the welcome and recognition of centres all over the nations, prayer uproar for the congress and all the centres, special numbers from different nations and we shall close with the opening charge. We hope to handover the centre coordination for onsite arrangements at about 7.30pm every day by the grace of God.

The online inputs will start off each day by 8.30am till 11.30am when we release the brethren to for their alone with God and all other onsite programs. The online will resume back at 4.15 and run till 7.25pm when the final message is concluded.


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